Working Collaboratively in a Virtual World

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Online Teaching: Critical Strategies for Engagement

March 19, 2020, 2pm EDT.
As universities and Extension Services across the country are temporarily shifting instruction to distance options, you may be seeking tips for teaching online. With distance learning, it is imperative to engage your audience in meaningful ways. In this webinar, Dr. Brian Raison of Ohio State University will present his “Top 10” list for improving lectures (online and in-person), and will provide additional strategies that are critical for engaging students using distance learning. A question and answer time will follow.

Hosted by Dr. Brian Raison
The Ohio State University

Brian Raison serves as an Associate Professor and Extension Field Specialist with The Ohio State University’s Department of Extension. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business, a Master’s in Sociology, and a PhD in Agricultural Extension Education. Brian’s primary focus is on bringing together resources – people, information, ideas and processes – to positively affect outcomes larger than otherwise possible. This is accomplished by building collaborative partnerships among faculty, staff and community members and conducting targeted research-based programming and facilitation. His specialization areas are in Community & Organizational Leadership Development, and Community Wellness (process facilitation; strategic planning; vision-to-action; needs assessment, evaluation, non-profit assistance, building networks for collaboration, successful schools). He also worked extensively in local food systems. In December of 2015, Brian was recognized by his Extension colleagues with the Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award.

Preparing for Remote Work and Virtual Event Planning Discussion

March 17, 2020

In preparation for the possible disruption of work due to COVID-19 this webinar will address topics related to working from home and virtual event planning. Issues addressed will include:

  • Setting up your home office; equipment and space
  • How administrators can prepare their employees to be productive away from the office
  • Using virtual technology to host online events and meetings

Hosted by Mark Locklear
eXtension Foundation

Mark Locklear is a Web Developer at eXtension Foundation since 2014 and primarily focuses on eXtensions legacy applications as well as supporting eXtension staff internal tools such as Zoom and GSuite. Mark is also an adjunct community college instructor where he teaches web development and programming. He is passionate about mentoring and teaching others.

Benefits of Remote Work

Mark Locklear, eXtension Web Developer
October 10, 2019

Advanced Features of Zoom

Mark Locklear, eXtension Web Developer