Extension Response to COVID-19 & Resources for Extension Professionals Working Online

The purpose of this website is to provide a means through which Extension educators and administrators can share with their Cooperative Extension colleagues various resources and guides about teaching and working virtually, and provide a listing of current institutional responses to COVID-19. The current list of resources is just a beginning; it needs your additional contributions and expertise. As indicated by the note just below the search box on the right, you are encouraged to share other resources with us by sending an email to contact-us@extension.org.

Live Upcoming Events

Featured Events

National Action Dialogue – Community Based Programming in the Digital Networked COVID-19 Age

March 26th & April 1st, 2020
3 PM – 4:30 PM ET
Available to: All Cooperative Extension Professionals

Panelists Include:

  • Chuck Hibberd, Dean & Director of Nebraska Extension
  • Paul Hill, Extension Associate Professor, County Director, Community Economic Development, Utah State University
  • Elise Lofgren, Senior Instructional Designer, Purdue University
  • Doug Edlund, Assistant Director of Operations, UTIA Communications, & ACE President

In partnership with ECOP, eXtension has been mobilized to support Cooperative Extension System (CES) during this tough time of social distancing and in response we have started a webinar series to address working virtually and connecting with your audiences through digital technology. You will also find more information at virtual.extension.org and in the Connect Extension Group: Extension Response & Resources for Extension Professionals Working Online you might consider joining.


To take this all one step further, we will be hosting a National Action Dialogue around Community Based Programming (CBP) in the Digital Networked COVID-19 Age as a two-session online event starting tomorrow, March 26th, available for all CES professionals across the country regardless of eXtension Foundation, Inc. membership. Registration is Open

Online Event: Community Based Programming (CBP) in the Digital Networked COVID-19 Age

  • Part 1: Date/Time: Thursday, March 26, 3-4:30 PM ET
  • Part 2: Date/Time: Wednesday, April 1, 3-4:30 PM ET

Purpose/Outcome: The purpose of this National Action Dialogue is to position our universities to rapidly respond to CBP in the Digital networked COVID-19 issue by delving in, capturing collective wisdom, inspiring innovative thinking, and focusing on new opportunities, partnerships, solutions, tangible actions and collaborations on issues for farms, families, businesses, and communities that will exist long beyond this public health crisis. This is open to all Cooperative Extension professionals.

  • The first day in Part 1, this event will offer a speaker(s)/panel to seed the conversations around the topic and time will be allowed for small breakout groups to discuss the issues and groups will report back the main outcomes of their conversations to the entire attendance.
  • The second day in Part 2, the top issues will be explored more deeply by breakout groups to share strategies for addressing these issues and potential needs to address the issues.


Crisis Communication and COVID-19

Thursday, April 2nd
12 PM CT

Faith Peppers, Edwin Remsberg and Chris Sigurdson will be leading a discussion of what new lessons in crisis communication are we learning in this process and how are we now tweaking our crisis communication plans.

Zoom link

As mentioned in the introduction, this site is designed to primarily address two aspects of Extension work in a virtual world:  engaging the public and working collaboratively.  Resources identified for each of these areas are included in those respective menus above.  But given the impetus for creating this site, the current COVID-19 pandemic, we include a section on dealing with disasters and epidemics, highlighting information from the Extension Disaster Education Network.  If you have other similar resources to share, we invite you to submit them to contact-us@extension.org.